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Taking Great Screenshots With the A-Train Viewer

A user made layout in A-Train 9


Viewer tool tips and samples.

Adapting The Viewer To Your System

Viewer Settings

You can change graphic quality in this configuration tool which should be the orange A-Train icon on your desktop

There are a lot of options here that can be altered to adapt the viewer to your system. It should be possible to run this on older hardware.

  • If you have low graphic memory  (under 1 gig Graphics card) then lower the textures
  • If the game stutters or lags then the biggest gains are lowering shadows and dynamic lighting which have the largest effect on CPU usage
  • If the game plays well up close but struggles when you pull out to panoramic views then lowering draw distance and LOD (level of detail) will have a good effect.

Of course if you have good hardware, then high quality graphics make your screenshots more photogenic.

Try to set the good option, as you like.

Some Tips for take Screenshots




You can change some graphical option in game.

Check box on, you will get rich graphic.  Almost cell shading (though not quite) it can make distant objects really stand out.

Option 2

The illustration option is great for concept style images

The viewer dialogue is on by default at the bottom of the screen. Press space bar to remove it.

Setting The Scene – Time and Weather


Time and Weather

Time and Weather 2

You can’t stop time, so for good screenshots you have to wait for great moment like actual photographers. And Weather is changing in game. Also you have to wait for weather change in order to take interesting screenshots.

Trains and Stations

Train and Station

You can’t stop time, so it is difficult to take moving train shots. So you can wait nearby a station in order to take train shots.

Examples of Screenshots

You have to title your screenshot as the file name.

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2




Example 3

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