A-Train PC Classic

Introducing A-Train PC Classic

A-Train PC Classic is a new game for the PC which takes the franchise to new areas. With the scale and scope of a modern transport and city simulator and the retro aesthetics of the classic games of the past, A-Train Classic offers a new landscape for gamers to create their worlds. Created with a light touch and requiring modest system specification, A-Train Classic is designed to be accessible and flexible.

The English version of A-Train PC Classic is due to be released on Steam platform on June 8th/9th.

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A-train classic logo
A-Train Classic by Artdink published on Steam by Degica

Key Game Features

Become chief executive officer for a leading transportation company to build and develop a transport network to support to support the growth of the surrounding towns and cities.
A deep and rewarding simulation that is made accessible through a step by step tutorial system. Your assistants will help you every step of the way, explaining game concepts and reminding you of your scenario goals.
A living world. Scenarios introduce competitors who will attempt to build their own networks and develop your resources adding a new challenge to the A-Train franchise.
Multiple resources. Ore, Coal, Fish and other natural resources need transportation on your freight network as well as the raw materials your towns and cities need to grow. Concentrate on one or diversify and control them all.
Large number of scenarios. Play to achieve the targets set by the scenario then, if you choose to, continue into open play once these goals have been met.
Multiple methods of transport. Rail, road and tram networks each with their own advantages
Innovation and invention. As the years go by the network and rolling stock will be updated as new inventions such as diesel and electric trains are introduced. These include iconic maglev vehicles.
Underground or overground. If space is an option, the right research unlocks the ability to build networks underground.
Projects. Research your own advancements. Improve the efficiency of your network or develop unique structures and advantages.
Steam Workshop integration. Create your own scenarios and networks then upload them to the Steam Workshop to share with others
Ultra hi res support. A-Train Classic will play on many screen resolutions and includes multiple screen support.

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We hope you will enjoy this next instalment in the A-Train Franchise!

Broaden the train network and grow the town
You are the president of a train company, and you can build rails and get people from stations to stations.
Creating flow of people between the stations will grow the surroundings of the stations,
and make or grow the city around each station.
Of course, to grow a city needs materials, thankfully you can bring those using the same rails too.

As each surrounding grows, you will eventually see the installation of building or department stores,
making more people use the train and making more profit for your company.
You can then invest those profit in new tracks, branch companies, other transport method (bus, tricks),
and various other activities to build your company ever more.

After facing a number of challenge, the town will grow as you wish it.
This is what A-train games are all about.

This opus adds in the concept of Epoch, first introduced in the 3DS version it is based on.
Building will age, and new structure will become available as time passes, as well as events from history will affect you.
Coal, then Petrol will become available changing the whole transport economics,
and make for a whole new A-train experience.