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The Original Western Release Of A-Train

Still available to play A-TRain 3 via DOSBOX

Looking through on Youtube I found this great review video of the first A-Train game to be released in the West. A-Train3. The “3” was knocked off the western release.

Gameplay wise, although a lot has been added, the core theme of using a transport system to provoke urban growth remains pretty much the same. I have the Amiga version of this game somewhere, and when I find it I might do my own video. It’s almost 22 years old I think, still in the box.

Also, it’s worth noting that this game is still playable on PC using DOSBOX.

Download DOSBOX and play 

It works perfectly and is forum supported. If you’ve ever wondered what the franchise is like from a gameplay point of view, or maybe just want to get those rose tinted spectacles a good work out, then why not download DOSBOX and load up your old copy again?