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Post Support Issues Here

Support blog image for A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator

Use the comment section below to post any issues you might have.

We will check back regularly and answer them and pass those that need fixing to the deve team


10 thoughts on “Post Support Issues Here

  1. Hello
    Posted this on Steam a few days ago – under tech support, heard nothing hence contacting you here, brought the game over a week ago
    [quote=Greygor;485624040225615850]If you google “load error 3:0000065432 ” you will see it impacts quite a few different games.

    The most common solution is here [/quote]

    Game not loading with the same error “load error 3:0000065432 ”
    Tried this still get the same error,
    help please
    My laptop is a Asus republic of gamers system very high end.
    Cover all requirements need for the game.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Sorry for the delay. The answer from the devs is on the Steam forum I’ve copied it below.

      It does seem to be a Steam specific issue, it seems Steam support has suggested this in the past :
      If you have an Error 51 it means that your ClientRegistry.blob file in the Steam folder is corrupt.* Try deleting that file and Steam should redownload the correct version of that file.* This should fix your problem.
      Additionally, if you get error 51 and replacing your ClientRegistry.blob file doesn’t appear to fix the problem, check your firewall software.* If the firewall software blocks some of steam’s communication this can also lead to an error 51.
      The file ClientRegistry.blob can be found at the root of the Steam install folder.
      Other solutions include reboot, verify cache, resinstall.

  2. Hey Dev team and folks,

    Great work with the 4.0 game; A-Train 9 is slowly and surely becoming the best version of this game ever released in North America. I do have a few bugs to ask about:

    !) Since I transitioned my old map to 4.0, the ports have worked poorly at best. Even on the new 1.1 template maps, ships will not navigate through waterways-even with depth leveled to 80m–and some ports will see no ships at all. I think this may be because of the movable bridges you added, but something is definitely wrong with the ports.

    2) The custom freight trains feature utilizing the new consists (box car, covered/uncovered wagon, tanker) is not working. I know most players are here for the passenger trains but I live in Chicago and I want to have an authentic city with a variety of freight cutting across town, though I know that these trains will be ran at a full loss.

    The issue: In a regular game map, no manner of adding the new freight cars to locomotives will allow for the “Enter Custom Trains” button to light up to save the new train.

    NOTE: It would be nice to be able to add just random assortments of passenger coaches and freight cars to sidings on the map, just like real world railroads leave all over their systems. Even if these cars take up slots in the train list, it would be cool to create live rail yards to work in concert with all of the new items you gave to us.

    Thanks a bunch and please keep up the awesome work!

    Antoine J.

    1. Hi Antoine.

      I’ve copied this post in its entirety and sent it to the team that liaises with the devs.
      Love the idea of rolling stock scenery. I have had some issue myself with the custom feature but other times it has worked fine. Worst kind of problem an intermittent one, but let’s see if we can;t bottom it out.

      Thanks again for your input – it is very much appreciated.

      1. Thanks a bunch!

        One more thing: I cannot lay tracks off map on the bottom (south) and right (east) sides of the map. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and the problem persists, including on other maps that came with the game. Hope the new year is going well for you and the devs and I’m looking forward to the fixes!

        Thanks again,

        Antoine J

        1. I’ve not actually tried that myself. I’ll pass that on the the support team. It may be that is expected behaviour though I suspect you should be able to do it.

  3. 6/11/2015
    I can’t open the game ,I see Always “steam error 3:0000065432″ is it normal that there wasn’t a code for game activation in the begin when I buy the game there was only a long number”87052936981408949”.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. This comment was put in the spam folder. I’ll pass that error code to support though it looks like a steam error which I have had when accessing files. A “Verify Cache” in the game options might solve it?

  4. To expensice for me. I tried the previous vesrion and I liked it, The the price they ask for me now is not worth it because I am nor rich person AND CAN NOT PAY SUCH ANOUmt.. I can pay for what I like, but 50-60 Euro is not in my budget…

    1. Sorry to hear that Mattias. Why not enter our competition to win a Steam key?

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