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How About A-Train 3DS, For Your PC

Image of A-Train for the Nintendo 3DS

While A-Train Railway Simulator provides a deep and huge world to play in, some of you may just like the idea of a pocket sized version of the game. You may even have noticed that the Nintendo 3DS has its own version.

Offering all the headline features of its bigger cousin, the 3DS version offers a more structured/scenario based experience.

As you can see, the 3D world is still there, the route planning and supply/demand dynamic still works. It’s just a smaller, neater package ideal for those who want to enjoy A-Train goodness in bite sized chunks.

The Big Question

What would you think about this coming to PC? Let us know what you think below, leave your thoughts and suggestions as well.

5 thoughts on “How About A-Train 3DS, For Your PC

  1. This game looks superb. The only issue I have is that this needs to be on the 3ds as the bite size nature, graphics and overall game design is made for Mobile consoles. In this case the 3ds. Why not get the rights on 3DS and PC However I’ll take whatever I can get. 🙂

  2. I think its a good idea for those who has a low-end computer a cant run A-Train 9 for PC.

  3. I’m definitely for a port of this game to the PC platform (how about Android Tablets ?).

    While A-Train 3D is graphically inferior to the A-Train 9 (mostly in 2D with a special view in 3D), everything in A-Train 3D was designed to make the A-Train series more appealing to beginners :
    * Colorful 2D graphics
    * People waiting for train at stations (which make cities less ghostly than in A-Train 9)
    * Background music and a very good OST (in A-Train 9 there’s only a music every 1st of the month)
    * Manga-like character design
    * In-game tutorial (an important feature lacking in A-Train 9)
    * Etc.

    Actually, I think that A-Train 3D is a game that Artdink designed to introduce that A-Train series to a broader audience.

    If you’re considering porting this game to the PC platform, I suggest :
    * Keeping the game mostly 2D with some 3D, like in the 3DS game so that it will run on low-end computers, of course as a PC game 2D graphics should have better resolution than in the 3DS game.
    * Selling it at a lower price than A-Train 9 Railway simulator.

    1. Great thoughtful answer there Florent. I appreciate the effort here.

  4. Funny!!
    Classic game, this funny.
    Good idea, Playing for PC.

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