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Competition Time

3 Copies Of A-train Railway Simulator To Give Away

Competition Now Closed – Winners To Be Drawn And Informed Tonight (9th October 2014 GMT)
Please Stay Tuned To This Blog For More Chances To Win In The Future

Thanks For The FANTASTIC Response!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered. Dozens of you made the effort and added real value to the competition with some great comments – and even poems.

There have to be winners though, and the draw in now complete: The winners are

  • Christopher Cooper
  • Baadrix
  • Jesse Rosen

Congratulations all three of you. Your steam keys will be emailed to you tonight.

The rest of you stay tuned. We will have more offers and give-aways over time, don’t forget A-Train 9 Railway Simulator is released on the 10th October.


Some competitions are simple – in fact some are so simple to enter you might even think there’s some trick to it.

There’s not!

To win one of three copies of A-train Railway Simulator, simply share this website on either Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment below with your name and a short few words on why you want to win A-Train Railway simulator.


It doesn’t have to be “War and Peace” 5 or 10 words will do just fine, but if you want to elaborate and tell us about your plans for the most intricate and fair system of road and rail transport the world has ever seen , and how you plan to prototype it with A-Train  – well, hey – be our guest. Smile

On the 9th of October 2014, we will pick 3 names at random and award them the Steam Keys to the game which they will be able to download and play immediately!

Terms And Stuff

No members of Degica or Artdink are permitted to take part. The judges decision is final. Please remember to leave your name and email address in the box provided in the comments section so we can contact you!

Finally, the bit every power mad-web admin loves… the judges decision is final

Paul Rone-Clarke (A-Train Railway Simulator Product Manager)

55 thoughts on “Competition Time

  1. Heel leuk en uitdagend spel, in het begin niet de makkelijkste, maar met enige proberen is hier goed uit te komen, en kun je hier zeker een leuk complex gebeuren van maken, mogelijkheden zijn toch wel aanzienlijk te noemen

    1. Google translate to the rescue :).
      “Very fun and challenging game, it is not the easiest , but with some attempt beginning is good to come out here and you can certainly find a nice complex process of making possibilities are nevertheless called significant”
      Thanks for your comment. I agree entirely

  2. Hi, I would love to have a copy of that game 🙂 I saw first this game in a lets play by ( german Let’s Player). I was so facinated by this game ( how i love Transport Tycoon and Railway games 😀 ) that I read every steam forum entry about the A train Railway Simulator since the first rumors about a european v3 release appeared.(I look nearly every day in the forum to see if sth new have been announced) I hope I have done everything right as my english isen’t the best , sorry.

    1. I also saw those German Let’s Play videos some time ago. The network that he creates by the end is something else!

  3. I used to play AIV Network$ as a kid, didn’t really know what I was doing but was still intrigued by it. I recently played A-Train 9 (Steam) and loved it! So glad we’re (finally) being treated with some translated versions of these games, thanks!

    En voor de Nederlanders hier: Deze game is het zeker waard om in de gaten te houden.

    1. Thanks Blue – You are in the draw (along with the others already posted here) Great to see the enthusiasm as well as the international attraction the game has.

  4. I’ve been in love with trains for about 23 years, and I love to play around with schedules – so A-Train seems to be the perfect game for me (although I honestly haven’t played it yet because of the limited content of the regularly available versions). However, I’ve also watched’s Let’s Play since he started the series and I’m totally fascinated by the in-depth simulation aspect and the freedom you have while building your railway network. I would love to create my own network with the huge amount of content available in the Premium version v3 / ATRS.

    Thanks a lot for making this happen! I’m excited for the release.

    1. Thanks for the comment Baadrix.

  5. Ich habe 1992 das erste A-Train gespielt und damit viel Freude gehabt, dann AIV Mitte der 90er Jahre. A-Train 8 habe ich dann nicht mehr so richtig kapiert, trotzdem den “Bahngiganten” wieder gekauft und erst durch die Lets plays von TomIO verstanden. Leider kam das alte Fieber der 90er Jahre nicht mehr so recht auf. A-Train 9 in der Version 3 hat mich trotzdem wieder gepackt. Hoffe daher auf einen neuen Spielspaß-Schub. Wenn ich die Version nicht gewinne, wird diese am 10.10. gekauft 🙂

    1. again 🙂 Having put perhaps 50 hours in the last 6 weeks into the game in testing and playing, I can only imagine that Tom’s layout took well over 500 hours. It is a work of art. I might mention that I am in the process of trying to contact the man himself to ask whether some of his more extensive videos can be showcased here. They show the game in the best possible light for enthusiasts. I just wish my German was a lot better 🙂

      1. Well, 31 episodes with slightly over 25 minutes each would add up to about 13-14 hours, just a few off-screen tweaks here and there – and you are at about 20 hours max I’d say. :O haha

  6. I saw an attractive advert for the V3 version of the A-Train9 game when I was in Japan last month in a magazine called ASCII (Love the name). I almost bought the Japanese version but then I discovered this version was going to be released soon and decided to wait.

    I love OpenTTD/Cities in Motion/* Tycoon/SimCity games, especially if they’re themed in Japanese and when they are more than just for building stuff 🙂 .

    1. Glad you decided to wait Jeffrey 🙂 Your name is “in the hat” for Thursday

  7. “Why would I want to win anything other than a beautiful game?”
    ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear

    Exactly Patrick’s words ring true here as well. Artdink’s A-train is a beautiful game. This is the finest train sim there is. No this is the finest of the finest V.3. Oh to hear the sound of the wheels on the track, see buildings appear and schedules set (to name but a few) is going to be a treat.

    “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning.”
    ― Winston Churchill

    Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better than Winston Churchill. The launch of this game is only the end of the beginning. With other publishers the launch of earlier versions it sadly turned out to be the end. Not with Degica! With all the patches, DLC and love that Degica have and will bestow on this game this is indeed only the “…end of the beginning. ”

    I can not wait to take come along for the ride that is A-Train Railway Simulator with Degica at the helm as the metaphorical Train driver and myself as the. ‘passenger’

    1. P.S. In short I really live trains and sim games and this has both 🙂

    2. Wow – somebody who researches a reply and adds citation! Nice 🙂

  8. Hey,
    Auch ich bin durch auf die `A-Train` Reihe aufmerksam geworden. Verfolge sein Let’s play seit der ersten Folge und spiele seit langem mit dem Gedanken mir es zu kaufen. Als ich jedoch mir dir comments in der steam community durchgelesen habe wurde ich auf die Gerüchte aufmerksam das bald eine V3 Version von diesem Spiel in Deutschland erscheinen soll. Bin froh das ich gewartet habe 🙂 .

    P. S sag bitte Bescheid falls ich was wichtiges vergessen habe sollte
    Please replay if I have forgotten something important:)

    1. Google translate to the fore again

      Hey ,
      Also, I ‘ve become number carefully on the ` A- Train` . Be pursued Let’s play since the first episode and play me to buy it for a long time with the idea . But when I read through my comments to you in the steam community , I became aware of the rumors that soon will appear a V3 version of this game in Germany . ‘m Glad I waited 🙂 .

      P. S please let me know what if I forget important should
      Please replay if I have forgotten something Important 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Stetsch

  9. Somewhat disappointed in the recently published Train Fever and not exactly happy with the outdated graphics of less recent railway simulation games I’m very much looking forward to the new iteration of A-Train 🙂

    1. Glad to hear you are looking forward to it. I’ve not played the other game so can’t comment on that

  10. Finally this v3 will be available in western countries. A long time I’m waiting for Artdink starting a decent partnership with some reliable distributor… Since Infogrammes released a french version of this game, I think it was version 4, under “A4 Network” name.

    I’m desperately waiting for this wonderful game to be released on Steam !

    1. It will be there soon enough

  11. I’ve never played A-Train before and I only discovered the game via YouTube.

    I’ve always enjoyed transport and planning games having played Transport Giant, Trains & Trucks Tycoon, SimCity 4 and a good few others growing-up. I like building and organizing things to perfection, and A-Train will allow me to do just that.

    There are four things I particularly find attractive about A-Train 9 RS:

    * The first is the scale of what you can create, as I hate the thought of running out of space, and watching videos of trains taking 20 minutes (or longer!) to get from one place to another really impressed me. I’m happy to sacrifice a few things in graphics to allow for bigger maps, though that said, I still find A-Train RS’s graphics to be very impressive overall.
    * The second is the ability to micromanage rail and road operations with tonnes of options to make use of – I’m looking forward to having some fun with those.
    * The third is the unique Japanese cultural slant of the game, which I find very interesting and of which I didn’t previously know much about.
    * The fourth is the ability to just sit back and watch a train ride along from the cabin view. I’m sure I’ll be spending some time doing that.

    1. That’s a comprehensive list. Thanks for taking the time to post 🙂

      1. You’re welcome.

        I have also shared this thread on Facebook:

        1. You sir, are a star. Thank you 🙂

  12. I like the 1:1 Scale.
    I like japanese Trains.
    I like managing a huge (japanese) train network and the way you can tinker every single train’s timetable.

    1. The layout sizes possible are indeed huge. 1:1 scale adds another level of realism altogether. I prefer it now and doubt I will go back to “big train” scale again.

  13. I found the A-Train game series, when I read some articles about train/traffic simulation games on wikipedia. The only game of that genre I already played was Transport Giant but when I saw some gameplay videos of A-Train I was kind of fascinated by the huge amount of micromanagement you have to do in this game compared to other games of the genre I know. At that time the only available version in Germany was “Der Bahngigant” but in Japan the v2 was already released. When I searched the game the next time I found the Let’s Play of and I was pretty surprised by the fact that the community translated so many part of the game. Later I saw the game on Steam Greenlight and I hoped to get the v2 released there and after the release and the first discussions in the Community Hub I was a bit disappointed. But now I am really excited about the comeback of this game series outside Japan.

    1. That’s a pretty good summary up to the point Degica come in. 🙂

  14. I love the feature to ride around in cab view. I’ve always wanted to be able to play a city builder/transport tycoon game coupled with a train/bus driving sim. To see the results of your planning and construction from a first person perspective is very cool. Although A-Train is not exactly the game I dream of playing, the awesome cab view and the in-depth construction and simulation aspects of the game make it very close.

    1. That and the P-in-P combined give you a lot more options to view what is going on on the map. Great point.

  15. I played A-train III on the Amiga 500
    and A4-Network$ on PC.

    A-train is a train sim and a city building game rolled into one.
    You can make very intricate track layouts and detailed schedules.
    Next to trains there are several types of buses and trucks.

    One of the nicest features (which many other city builder games lack) is a developing city.
    It ‘s not a “plop and design” type of game where you city changes only if you change it.
    If you build transportation in an area, people settle in that area (if you supply the building blocks 🙂 )
    And they continue to develop. So a small 2 family plot can change into a shop, or a big office building etc.
    The AI does it’s own thing so to speak.
    So you might have planned building something at a certain spot, but the AI can have the same idea.

    The biggest challenge (I think) is to make the perfect train schedule. There are soo many timing/loading/unloading options available, it’s almost silly.

    1. I like the new “reserve land” feature that we will showcase soon. However, for realism I don’t use it. I need to plan around what real life adds to the game as it progresses. It makes it more of a challenge that way. However, if I wanted to create a proto-perfect layout I certainly would use it – or create the whole thing in the editor (oh that’s cheating).

  16. Already been tweeting and blogging about A-Train RS. Game’s looking very good. Congrats to Degica.

    1. Feel free to leave a link to your excellent site here. It’s an excellent resource for A-Train that I think many would benefit from 🙂

  17. I remember when I was 10 years old, playing in my fathers computer to A-Train, building Sky resorts and sending lot of trains to there.

    With over 16, I was playing with A-IV Networks…

    Now, I want this ATrain RS

    1. Ah, memories. Yes I have fond memories of playing early versions almost 20 years ago.

  18. After playing the current Steam version I still find myself with a little free time, hopefully v3 will suck that last bit of free time away.

    Free time is over-rated anyway.

    1. There is every chance that that will happen.

  19. I never tried any game from the A-train but i’m a fan of the Densha de Go ! series which is another famous game about japanese trains (a mix between arcade and train simulation). I stumbled upon A-train while searching for other japanese games about train, and after viewing some video and reading some texts about this series, I found it very interesting, I like very much managment games such as Sim City, so a railroad managment and urban development game with a japanese point-of-view should be great. I’m looking forward to try it.

    1. You’ve pointed me towards Densha – something I’m going to look in to!

  20. I love the games use much time to play it but uot Work for the time 🙁 for fist time in my liv

  21. Yey Yey Yey…

    Why i want play A9
    i tell it with a rhyme!

    Lay down a track
    in time of slack
    fund some stuff
    be always tough
    begin a plan at 6 am
    and build japan
    yes – i am a fan

    okay… it’s not my mother tongue
    sorry 4 that ^^

    1. Brilliant stuff!

  22. Hey,
    I really love this game. Sadly i haven’t played it yet as i saw in the steam community that the V3 version will be released soon :). I dont know what i should say besides that i am very keen on it.

    1. You’ve said enough. Draw is in about 24 hours from now. Good luck!

  23. I played A-Train back on PS1 and I could not believe this game is still in development after I stumbled across videos of the latest Japanese version on YouTube. I have been eagerly following the news and waiting for the latest U.S. version for what seems like an eternity now. I can’t wait to play and a free copy would make it even more epic!

  24. Looking forward to the game…. Been monitoring Steam forums for a whilenow, looking for ward to the release…when might that be?

    1. It should be out in the next 48 hours 🙂

  25. Hi
    Ive been an A-Train fan since I had it on my Amiga 500.
    I think A-train 9 is the best city builder out there.
    Especially the logistics system that you have to transport goods around is great.

  26. I hope the game is in german!

  27. A-Train 9 is one of the few magical games out there that are really one of a kind. There are some other transport games out there, but this one is quite different and has a unique focus that none of the others have. A-Train 9 requires you to take the time to think and plan ahead while also being relaxing and pleasing on the eyes. It’s the opposite from most of the games on the market today, that are usually oversimplified to the point where all you have to do is point the mouse at the enemy and click. A-Train on the other hand is a challenge and that makes it fun.

    You constantly have to ask yourself: how do I make my network as efficient as possible? How and when can I squeeze my slower freight train onto the regular lines used by all those passenger trains? You have full control to make the trains run like clockwork if you are up to the challenge – just like in Japan. This for me is part of the fun of it all. The other interesting part is the focus on Japanese culture. East Asian countries in general have the best road and rail infrastructure in the world, but there is no other transport game focusing on this region other than A-Train.

  28. I love trains, always have.
    When I was a Child, I Always become happy when seeing trains and Railways.
    Then I got a computer, and Transport tycoon and I was in heaven, then I got sid meiers Railroad tycoon, and got railroads and Shares, my god, it was so fun, I played those games for years to come, read about a-train during this time, but never got my hands on it.
    And now, discovered this on Steam, my godness, this is a must buy for me when it arrives, but I take my chances and write somthing here, holy god this is what Im been dreaming about.

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