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OUT NOW! A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator

Railway yard in A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator

The newest and greatest A-Train game is being released on Steam this October

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On the 23rd October 2015 we are having a draw for 2 free copies of the game right here on this website. Competition deadline extended to 27th October!
To enter the competition simply add a comment below explaining what sort of city you would like to create in the game, and we will draw 2 winners at random (for terms see below)

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What’s new in A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator?

The new version of A-Train has a stack of new features that focus on the two most important aspects of gameplay; realism and control.


A-Train is about creating working, profitable cities built around a strong transport network. Over the years we have seen our players create some fantastic cities, a scale and scope of which is staggering.

Whether it is the painstaking re-creation of 100 km² real-life cities, or an imaginative sprawling utopia, A-Train has always allowed the player to use their imagination. The latest version increases the scale and scope of the game 100%.

Twice as many vehicles can be placed on landscapes with twice as many art assets. More road and track-side features with new levels of flexibility in the way that road and rail are built.

The player can now use these tools to create more realistic and involved cities either from real-life or from their imagination.

This extra realism is balanced by some great new control options which work at both the individual vehicle level and the management control level of the game.

Driving A Train

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to actually drive one of your trains?

To actually experience the challenges the engineers may face in keeping to the speed limit, providing a comfortable ride, and delivering the goods and passengers on time?

Well now, in A-Train 9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator, it’s possible to step on board the footplate and take control. Either from the first-person engineers point of view, or from a bird’s-eye 3rd person viewpoint. Experience your cities like never before.

It’s not just trains. Jump on board a car or boat and see your creations from whole new perspectives. Ever wondered w it would be like to be a citizen or a worker in your city? While now you can find out.

New Management Controls

Doubling the number of vehicles in the game adds a massive amount of scope and scale to the game, and that brings with it its own challenges.

It might be overwhelming to have 200 trains running simultaneously. Understanding what they are all doing and how to optimize their timetables and routes with so much going on would be a challenge for anyone.

A-Train 9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator adds new features that bring you control from the transport planner level.

It’s now possible to sort and filter your vehicle by type and group them into color-coded teams. How you use these features is up to the player. You may want to group your trains by the routes they travel, or perhaps separate them into long distance and commuter trains. It might certainly be a good idea to color code passenger and freight trains separately, but that choice is yours and with the filter and sort options it’s very easy to set up.

The control is there, and the choices are yours.

Experiment and develop your own system using the new tools provided, and then see at a glance how your network is operating.

A-Train 9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator is the latest and greatest version of the game. Having all the benefits of all previous versions and these great new features added here.

Whether you are new to the game, or a returning player, there has never been a better time to ride the A-Train.

More details as we approach launch the launch date


Competition terms

No employees or family of Artdink or Degica are allowed to enter

The prizes will be designated only to those who enter the competition by giving their city builder ideas in the comments section of this post

Profane, rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted and the author will not be eligible for a prize

The draw date is provisionally the 23rd October 2015. We reserve the right to alter this if the release date for the game changes

All entries are subject to censorship and Degica reserves the all rights and options regarding this competition

23 thoughts on “OUT NOW! A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator

  1. Hoping to finish my work on my Japanese style prefecture city I started in A-Train 9 3.0, this would persuade me to pick things up once more.

    1. We’ve seen some stunning user created cities. A prefecture city? A great idea. Consider yourself “in the draw” for next week.

  2. The sort of city I would like to build with A-Train 9 V4.0 is a Japanese-style metropolis with a complex rail network (including metro) and a lot of trains running on this railway, I will also add bus routes because it’s unrealistic to have a city without a bus service (and they have some advantage over trains in this game).

    1. What advantages do buses have?

      1. Buses are much cheaper and the road network is essential to get people to the stations in the first place. Stations have an area of influence but your city might be very much larger than the area of influence. The choices are to have many stations for each city area which would be very expensive and inefficient, or each area to have one rail station with buses bringing people in from outside the stations area of influence to use it (just like real life)

  3. With the arrival of the 200 Trains and Buses Limit, I am going to try a city with only Trucks transporting Materials and having only Underground Lines and Underground Warehouses.

    A bit hard to do without blowing all the money, but it might be doable with the slowest speed of 3x!

  4. i like build cities modeled after northern japan, where i used to live. never works out that way but i try

  5. I want to build a city quite similar to the city in the real world. I also want to set up train routes similar to the real world to find out whether it is the most efficient way to do so.

    1. We’ve seen some wonderful cityscapes created with A-Train. I’ll get some videos of them posted after launch

  6. I’ve been tried to build a ideal metropolis within A-Train… since 1994. And my ideal is simply to build a efficient and modern and fun city called Tokyo BUT with people living in the city center districts. I tried and failed and tried with A-Train, A-train 9 and A-train 9 V3. Hopefully this is my real chance to make it true to the game of A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator!

  7. I always wanted to create a port city with a terminal station and several suburban lines to the outskirts. Then i also wanted to provide some sort of long distance tains.
    Hope to get the oportunity to do so in A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator V.4 !!!

    1. A city with different levels regions. CBD, suburbs etc. Sounds like a great idea.

  8. I will try and build a city like london or Paris. Busses above and metro beneath 😉

    1. Ah, a metro. Great idea

  9. You know, I’ve never played any version of this game before, but I really like gameplay concept. As for the type of city, I just want to build a city that you can look at and just not help but feel so. Damn. Satisfied at watching it run.

    1. That’s as good a reason as any. 🙂

  10. I grew up on a branch line which had been planned as a part of a grand outer circle railway in my town. Unfortunately the idea was scrapped and land reserved for the railway was sold. I would like to build my town as it was envisaged and see how it develops differently if the original urban planning had not been scrapped.

    1. Most games don’t have the scope of play area to have main and branch lines (Thinking of two in particular) the area in these “other” games is just too small to have a differentiation like that that makes any sense. In A-Train, having a branch line like that can be done with style. Good luck with your project.

  11. My creation would be one that I’d build up over time. There’d be no final goal or endgame. My intention would be to build up a number of smaller towns bit by bit, eventually connecting them to become an ever-growing metropolis. My favorite way to play; start with nothing, end with everything. I like the city-building aspects as much as the rail aspects, and the best way to build is from the ground up.

  12. I would like to design a city that is fun for driving trains, cars and boats since that is the feature I’m most looking forward to in V4. My main focus will be on mountains and bodies of water since I enjoy making tunnels and bridges.

  13. Will try to build a wide-spread (not skyscraper) big city on some hills and most of the passenger-traffic will be provided by trams, buses and single-track rail lines. Rail-highways (Tokio style) are nice too but I would like to try to focus more on micro-management on my next map.

  14. I like detailed cities, where there is lots of hustle and bustle, realistic.

  15. My ultimate plan is to grow one giant city with realistic train traffic which will cover the whole map. Two or three main stations (national), some more regional stations and an extensive city metro/urban train network with high traffic density should work without flaws and give passengers the possibility to change trains easily (although it’s not simulated) – the new trains and the vehicle limit should definitely help to achieve this goal.
    Not sure if my PC would be able to handle this massive city, but it’s a plan at least …

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