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Superfast Shinkansen Trains and Maglev in A-Train 9

One of the features of A train 9 V4 Japanese Railways Simulator that we don’t touch on often enough are the Shinkansen, maglev and superfast trains and setting them up.

As part of a project, it is possible to have superfast, maglev, bullet trains come through your region. While these projects can be very expensive and take a  lot of resource to set up, they do provide fantastic long term revenue.

If you like to make your region look themost modern, up to date and impressive about, then adding these features is also a great way to imrove.

Take a look at these videos which explain how it all works – and another that shows the real maglev systems in operation.


Here’s the real Maglev in real life.

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A-Train Trading Cards Are Live

A-Train 9 Steam trading cards

Introducing A-Train 9 Trading Cards

Collect A-Train 9 trading cards.

Play A-train 9 Japan rail simulator to unlock Steam trading cards. The cards are based on some of the most iconic trains in Japan from the past and the present as well as some of the most cutting edge trains on the rails today.

Get A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Now On Steam

We have 12 cards to collect.

Create The A-Train 9 Badge

Display your skills on Steam by creating your own A-train 9 badge. Let other forum users know your skills as an A-train entrepreneur. Level up your badge as you progress.

A Selection of Backgrounds

Common, Uncommon and Rare backgrounds for you to collect as well as a unique set of A-Train emoticons

Level Up On Steam

Increase your Steam level as you progress. Your badges contribute to your Steam level. Leveling up earns you non-tradable items like profile showcases, extra friends list slots, and more.

Remember – In April and May 2016 you can win fantastic prizes with A-train – No purchase required. Just click her to learn more!

Get A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Now On Steam