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Grab A-Train Railway Simulator Now In Steams Thanksgiving Sale

Catch the A-Train, get the discount, enter out competition and see the new rolling stock

The good news just keeps on coming. This week we added new rolling stock in the shape of the excellent CSX SD-50 Loco. Today we can announce that, for a limited period only. A-Train Railway Simulator is available HERE  direct from Steam with a 35% discount.

Flash Competition. Extended Till 29th Nov 

Competition Now Ended. Prize Winners Will Be Notified Shortly


To kick start the weekend discount and to celebrate the addition of the new rolling stock (the first of many updates to come), we are giving away 3 Steam Keys to A-Train in our “Post To Win” competition.

Between now and 18:00 GMT on the 29th November, simply leave a post below telling us why you want to play A-Train and your name is in the draw.

Remember, to leave your main email address in the box below. Without it we can’t send you your prize Smile

Want 2 chances to win?

If you share this page on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google+ or Instagram we will give you a second bonus chance to win. Your name will go into the draw twice.

Boring Legal Stuff
  • Maximum 2 entries per person (one for commenting one for sharing)
  • No one associated with Degica or Artdink – including families and friends is eligible to participate
  • Judges decision is final
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Creating A Custom Game – Understanding The Menus

Using the in game editor

I feel a little guilty posting this here. Jacob is busy creating far more polished video tutorials at the moment, however, this is in response to specific questions on the Steam forums here.

A-Train 9 allows the user to create their own scenarios, and the editor which allows this uses many of the same game navigation elements as playing the game does. So if you want to place a building in the editor mode, you do exactly the same as you would in game. The difference being that their is no cost involved, and unless you set it otherwise, whatever you place belongs to the AI once a game is started.

There are some new menu elements in there though – and using these is where some gamers are getting stuck. Hopefully this short video will get you up and running with the minimum of fuss. Good luck.

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Let’s Play A-Train Railway Simulator Part 2

The balance between preparing for future growth and managing cash flow in A-Train Railway Simulator

Just a quick recap. We set up a basic line from a factory to a resource depot serving one of the many small hamlets that are part of this map. It’s a twin line – one for freight the other for passengers.


Early on in the game, when cash is short, there are some decisions to make regarding the scale of the capital assets you buy. It would be ideal to be able to afford a large multi platform station and several factories in a central position then spread a network out from that point.

In gameplay however, this is rarely possible to begin with. Not only do the larger factories, depots and stations cost a lot more to build, they also take more to maintain on a monthly basis. Interesting gameplay decisions are how to balance what you can afford now with what you would like to have in the future.

If a player chooses not to use the “reserve land” function (new to this version of A-Train) then the AI may well spoil your future plans for expanding your initial buildings by adding its own infrastructure around them. While you can “build over” AI placed buildings, the cost of doing so is very high, and not something that most players would consider until well into the game when a good cash flow is established

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Reserving Land In A-Train Railway Simulator

This is the first version of the game that allows the player to reserve land for future expansion, and that has got to be a good thing for those of us who are often confronted with the AI building on land we had earmarked for future expansion yourself.

Jacob has done a great video that show how this works.

On a personal note. You may have noticed that the AI in this version of A-Train is more active than previously. It builds quickly and aggressively. This feature levels that new aggression somewhat. If you want to make the game really hard, don’t use it. If you want to prevent the AI using any materials at all you can reserve the entire influence area of a depot. The more you think about this feature, the more possibilities it opens up.

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Placing Stations In A-Train Railway Simulator

Degica presents a-train railway simulator

Your network is going to need stations for your trains and depots and stops for your road vehicles. It’s a pretty simple process in A-Train to lay these, but there are some choices to be made.

For instance, if you build small short stations earlier, you may find that the AI has built all over the nearby land and expanding later, when your infrastructure demands it, is a tricky task.

But these are the choices that make life interesting.

Here’s Jacob’s quick guide to placing your first stations in the game

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Amazing Train Layouts

A user made layout in A-Train 9

From time to time we like to showcase some of the most amazing layouts we’ve seen in A-Train. This video shows an awesome layout. on Youtube has created some fantastic layouts, often based on real life locations. Using a mixture of gameplay and editor features. You can watch more of this on his channel .