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Win A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Plus DLC Pack

DLC image featuring new trains

Degica and Artdink are pleased to announce their 1st free DLC for A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator.

Adding 45 new trains to the game, bringing the total in game to over 75. Giving players the game play choices and design depth to really add character to their creations.

From powerful long distance locomotives to economic short haul vehicles. Diesel and electric trains are covered in this new DLC.

We are also starting our new “Let’s Play” and tutorial series. Beginning with a short series of videos that )hopefully answer some of the most common questions asked in the community starting on the 11th December and releasing 1 or 2 new videos per week. They will feature here on this website.

Competition Time

To celebrate the first free DLC, we are giving away two copies of the game in our competition.

Competition Closed! Congratulations to Simon Pascoe and Mike Harding who win a copy of the game (With DLC included)

Steam keys for the full game and DLC to be drawn on the 15th December 2015

To win all you need to do is tell us, in the comments section below, what feature you would like to see added to the game in the future. Be as imaginative as you like.

Remember to leave your email address though 🙂


Terms and conditions

No employees, friends or relatives of anyone working for Degica or Artdink is permitted to enter

The prizes will be designated only to those who enter the competition by giving their city builder ideas in the comments section of this post

Profane, rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted and the author will not be eligible for a prize

The draw date is provisionally the 15th December 2015. We reserve the right to alter this for any reason.

All entries are subject to censorship and Degica reserves the all rights and options regarding this competition.

10 thoughts on “Win A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Plus DLC Pack

  1. I hope to see some half-done city sceniaros in the game. Foe example, a Tokyo sceniaro with JR railways but not Shinkansen routes. Player can add extra services and routes in the sceniaro.

  2. at present i only have the jt china route so this would be a great asset

  3. Extreme weather that can distrupt services like flooding that can cause signal failures etc snow that freezes points just like real life It’s not been implemented in any game yet and adds extra challenge to the player

    1. I like that. Things to deal with in game. I’d like that to be optional for those who just want to create. But a great idea all the same

  4. I have learned the controls and actually once you do they are really fantastic for making videos (when I have time :P) What I have heard back from viewers is they would like a simple control style option as well.

    I have not found out how but having the luxury vehicles able to run without controlling them would be nice. The cities look so empty without any random cars and such.

    Love the game and updates. Going to play with some of those new trains.


  5. I would like a bit more city simulation, at least a few cars driving around.

  6. An extra Industrial layer.
    You have your materials production, which could be sent to a manufacturing facility (which in turn makes goods)
    Goods can be delivered to subsidiaries (using a similar system as the current warehouse/A.I. use/storage system)

  7. In the Map Editor I’d like to see placeable terrain objects such as mountains, volcano and rivers (to streamline scenario creation and encourage more gamers to experiment).

  8. Three things would be great to add to the game:
    – realtime trains: so that it doesn’t take a day to travel from one city to the next
    – timetable view for the network so you can see which platforms a free when to help scheduling
    – automatic generation of route maps similar to those seen in all the JR stations

  9. Sorry I missed this. I just can’t a ford this game. So I guess I’ll have to do with out it. It looks good and I wanted to play it.

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