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Superfast Shinkansen Trains and Maglev in A-Train 9

One of the features of A train 9 V4 Japanese Railways Simulator that we don’t touch on often enough are the Shinkansen, maglev and superfast trains and setting them up.

As part of a project, it is possible to have superfast, maglev, bullet trains come through your region. While these projects can be very expensive and take a  lot of resource to set up, they do provide fantastic long term revenue.

If you like to make your region look themost modern, up to date and impressive about, then adding these features is also a great way to imrove.

Take a look at these videos which explain how it all works – and another that shows the real maglev systems in operation.


Here’s the real Maglev in real life.

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First Free DLC For A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Launches This Week

First Free DLC For A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Launches This Week
Artdink and Degica are pleased to announce the launch of the first DLC for A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator
Adding over 40 new trains and liveries to the game, the DLC will be free to existing owners of the game and launched via Steam on the 10th/11th December 2015 (depending on your time zone).
Adding to both the richness of the players world, and the in game options, these trains represent some of the most iconic vehicles currently used on Japanese railways.
From the economic workhorses of the 205 series and the KiHa 32 through the highly engineered 1500 series, the luxurious 885 to the  speedy 883, the options for game-play are increased with the introduction of these vehicles.
Both diesel and electric trains are here. We hope players will enjoy the  options and game-play choices these faithfully recreated trains and liveries add to the game.

Just Some Of The New Vehicles

303 Series Commuter 415 1500 Series 485 Series Nichrin 789 Series Limited Express 889 Series Renewal Livery KIHA 40 KiHa 183 Series Rainbow Shinkansen1