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Like A Bridge Over Untroubled Water

A-Train Railway Bridges

Now you’ve mastered laying road over water, let’s take a quick look at how to place rail over water. It’s a very similar process.

Remember you can also use the joint rail/road over and under bridge as well. Good luck, and don;t let those large expanses of water get in the way of building your master transport network

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How To Place Level Crossings In A-Train Railway Simulator

Straight rail and straigh road are essential for success

In real life, level crossings or “road rail” crossings as they are called in some parts of the world are notoriously dangerous places. Apparently per mile of road they account for 7x more fatalities than any other road elements, and that includes busy city centre junctions, blind bends and icy and un-gritted country roads in the winter. Level crossings are where the danger is.

Let’s not forget that A-Train is a game though (phew). It makes placing level crossings pretty simple if you follow a couple of sensible real world rules. This short video shows you how.

In short. Both the road and the rail leading up to the crossing must be straight. No crossings on or near curves.

A level crossing is where a road crosses rail. Lay the rail first, and the road second.

Easy when you know how Smile