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Getting And Paying Back A Bank Loan In A-Train Railway Simulator

Stock market user interface for A-Train

Early in the game finances can be tight. It might seem like a good idea to trot along to the bank and get a loan.  Here’s a video explaining how to go about it.

Seems easy enough right? Remember you need to pay the loan back over time – with interest. Make sure whatever it is you are spending it on will start to recoup at least enough to pay the interest within the time set out by the loan conditions. A risky strategy might be to play the stock market. A more reliable method of ensuring you have enough to pay it back would be to invest in wisely in your infastructure.

Don’t Spend Too Much On Buildings Early In The Game

A word of warning. Early on in the game, when it’s most tempting to get a loan, spending it on real estate is almost always a mistake. Factories and offices can take many in-game years to become profitable and often run at a loss for the first few years. Spending a large loan on buildings before you can afford them is a sure fire way to go bust.