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Installing The A-Train Viewer

We want you guys and girls to get the best from this tool, so we have created a tutorial  to show you how to install it and use it for best effect.



After downloading, double click the icon and follow these steps.

Step One




Ok, so the image you see above will appear once you continue and, to get the viewer to continue to install you need to press next

Step Two



Here are the terms and conditions. Make sure the top radio button is filled in (as above) before once again clicking on the middle button (highlighted in blue) to continue.

Step Three



Ok, now you can choose the installation folder. The viewer takes about half a gigabyte of hard drive space. By clicking on the button to the right of the folder dialogue (shown near the top of the image above) you can select the folder on your hard drive you would like to install the A-Train viewer in.

Step Four

Almost there. The middle button again is the one you need to press to get the viewer to continue to install.

Irange Setup Green To GoThe viewer will then install. It will place two icons on your desktop by default. The orange icon is for the set up dialog, the green icon is to load the viewer itself. You might want to try the set-up first as, although the viewer is very well coded it does have a lot of options. I found initially lowering the options to the lowest settings got the main viewer to work


Step Five

What are these options?

The options options offer a lot of possibilities, some which allow you to tailor the experience to your liking, others which allow. So below I have posted an image of the Japanese options screen and the English one. I have tested just about all the buttons on both and found that they match. The positions of the buttons relative to each other is the same in both versions. Cross reference from the English to the Japanese if that makes life easier for you.


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Create And Win With A-Train

Photograph Or Create A Beautiful Japanese City

Take A Stunning Photo

Explore and discover the stunning scenery around our stylized reimagining of Tokyo.

As day turns to night, the subtle changes of light and darkness reveal hidden vistas in this huge city scape.

Getting the right position for your photo has never been easier. Gravity is no object as you can float in space from any position with full control of you X, your Y and your Z. Zoom in to capture detail or pan away to show a huge panorama.

Take a stunning screenshot of a Tokyo landscape

What We Are Looking For

Using the free A-Train viewer, explore and discover the city. Based on the iconic landmarks of Tokyo, find the most imaginative and evocative image you can.

Screen grab the image or use your computers Snippet tool and send it in to the competition form below.

The winner will be the picture that expresses the essence of Tokyo in the most imaginative way.

Create Your Own City

A-Train’s built in editor allows your creative side to truly be expressed. You may create a real city or one from your imagination. The choice is yours.

Shape landscapes, build mountains, lakes, rivers and seas. Populate the countryside with assets from the games comprehensive editor. Add buildings that add colour and function to your city. Then lay road and track, to build the transport system.

We have a video below showing how to start to create your own city and how to export the finished result. Please keep files sizes to 5Mb or less.

Create the city of your dreams

What We Are Looking For

Some of the examples you will see have taken days, weeks or months to create, but we are not necessarily looking for the most elaborate and time intensive maps.

Instead we a focussing on those maps which show us the essence of city involved. That express the ideas of the designer in imaginative and thoughtful ways.

Welcome to our New Competition

A chance to grab some great A-Train loot

If you don’t own A-Train you can download the free viewer from Steam by clicking on here! 

Once on Steam download the viewer by clicking on the download demo button


Please note this link only appears on Steam if you do not already own A-Train9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator

Win Fantastic Prizes!

A-Train Image Competition
A-Train Create A City Competition


A Train Japan Rail Simulator

A-Train is the best established transport city simulator, the latest Version (A-Train 9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator) carries on the heritage begun almost 30 years ago. It’s a game that gives you simple but powerful tools to create the landscape of your imagination. Be it a real world or a fantasy.

Two Ways to Enter

What If I Don’t Own A-Train?

Then this is just for you. Click here (link to blogpost) and you can download our free to use game

world viewer. Explore the map, and then compose a great screenshot. You can zoom around the A-

Train world looking of that perfect picture.

  • Position your camera viewer
  • Compose the image
  • Wait until the lighting is just right
  • Then take that screenshot
  • The most imaginative screenshot wins.

I Own and Love A-Train

Great! Then competition mode two is just for you!

Get into the game and create your own world. A-Train 9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator gives you the tools

to allow your imagination free reign. Create a custom world, use the editor and free form a creation either from your imagination, or perhaps based on a real world city or landscape. Upload it – and we will view and review your creations. The most imaginative custom game wins.

I Don’t Know How to Create a World

Ok, we can certainly help you there. A-Train 9 V4 has an intuitive and easy to use editor built in to allow you to create whatever landscape you can imagine. We have created some tutorial videos to
get you started.

Find And Extract Your Custom Files

Create A New Map In A-Train

If you don’t own A-Train you can download the free viewer from Steam by clicking on here! 

Terms and conditions.

Competition entry last date is now the 10th June 2016 to allow for more of the many that have downloaded the viewer to take part!

No employees or associates of Degica or Artdink are eligible to enter this competition

Please label your photographs and game files with your FULL name as entered in the competition form. We will match up the image or game file to your name so this is important.

You can name your city after yourself or put it in the game description. With images add your name to the title of the image.

Each entry must be unique and 100% the work of the entrant. Please do not copy wither the existing game maps or the work of others when entering the competition. We will check 🙂

Please only one entry per person. You can enter both competitions but only one entry per competition per person please

File sizes must remain under 10Mb. A typical medium sized city in A-Train is around 6-8Mb Remember we are not looking for the largest city, we are looking for the most imaginative.

The judges decision is final. It is also (obviously) subjective, but we will do our best to choose the most imaginative pictures and cities

The game files for upload for the city builder competition can be found by following the instructions on this video.

Any problem uploading? Send the files to  – prone-clarke [AT]  – (remove the spaces and replace [AT] with @)

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Win A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Plus DLC Pack

DLC image featuring new trains

Degica and Artdink are pleased to announce their 1st free DLC for A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator.

Adding 45 new trains to the game, bringing the total in game to over 75. Giving players the game play choices and design depth to really add character to their creations.

From powerful long distance locomotives to economic short haul vehicles. Diesel and electric trains are covered in this new DLC.

We are also starting our new “Let’s Play” and tutorial series. Beginning with a short series of videos that )hopefully answer some of the most common questions asked in the community starting on the 11th December and releasing 1 or 2 new videos per week. They will feature here on this website.

Competition Time

To celebrate the first free DLC, we are giving away two copies of the game in our competition.

Competition Closed! Congratulations to Simon Pascoe and Mike Harding who win a copy of the game (With DLC included)

Steam keys for the full game and DLC to be drawn on the 15th December 2015

To win all you need to do is tell us, in the comments section below, what feature you would like to see added to the game in the future. Be as imaginative as you like.

Remember to leave your email address though 🙂


Terms and conditions

No employees, friends or relatives of anyone working for Degica or Artdink is permitted to enter

The prizes will be designated only to those who enter the competition by giving their city builder ideas in the comments section of this post

Profane, rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted and the author will not be eligible for a prize

The draw date is provisionally the 15th December 2015. We reserve the right to alter this for any reason.

All entries are subject to censorship and Degica reserves the all rights and options regarding this competition.

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Grab A-Train Railway Simulator Now In Steams Thanksgiving Sale

Catch the A-Train, get the discount, enter out competition and see the new rolling stock

The good news just keeps on coming. This week we added new rolling stock in the shape of the excellent CSX SD-50 Loco. Today we can announce that, for a limited period only. A-Train Railway Simulator is available HERE  direct from Steam with a 35% discount.

Flash Competition. Extended Till 29th Nov 

Competition Now Ended. Prize Winners Will Be Notified Shortly


To kick start the weekend discount and to celebrate the addition of the new rolling stock (the first of many updates to come), we are giving away 3 Steam Keys to A-Train in our “Post To Win” competition.

Between now and 18:00 GMT on the 29th November, simply leave a post below telling us why you want to play A-Train and your name is in the draw.

Remember, to leave your main email address in the box below. Without it we can’t send you your prize Smile

Want 2 chances to win?

If you share this page on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google+ or Instagram we will give you a second bonus chance to win. Your name will go into the draw twice.

Boring Legal Stuff
  • Maximum 2 entries per person (one for commenting one for sharing)
  • No one associated with Degica or Artdink – including families and friends is eligible to participate
  • Judges decision is final
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Competition Time

3 Copies Of A-train Railway Simulator To Give Away

Competition Now Closed – Winners To Be Drawn And Informed Tonight (9th October 2014 GMT)
Please Stay Tuned To This Blog For More Chances To Win In The Future

Thanks For The FANTASTIC Response!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered. Dozens of you made the effort and added real value to the competition with some great comments – and even poems.

There have to be winners though, and the draw in now complete: The winners are

  • Christopher Cooper
  • Baadrix
  • Jesse Rosen

Congratulations all three of you. Your steam keys will be emailed to you tonight.

The rest of you stay tuned. We will have more offers and give-aways over time, don’t forget A-Train 9 Railway Simulator is released on the 10th October.


Some competitions are simple – in fact some are so simple to enter you might even think there’s some trick to it.

There’s not!

To win one of three copies of A-train Railway Simulator, simply share this website on either Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment below with your name and a short few words on why you want to win A-Train Railway simulator.


It doesn’t have to be “War and Peace” 5 or 10 words will do just fine, but if you want to elaborate and tell us about your plans for the most intricate and fair system of road and rail transport the world has ever seen , and how you plan to prototype it with A-Train  – well, hey – be our guest. Smile

On the 9th of October 2014, we will pick 3 names at random and award them the Steam Keys to the game which they will be able to download and play immediately!

Terms And Stuff

No members of Degica or Artdink are permitted to take part. The judges decision is final. Please remember to leave your name and email address in the box provided in the comments section so we can contact you!

Finally, the bit every power mad-web admin loves… the judges decision is final

Paul Rone-Clarke (A-Train Railway Simulator Product Manager)