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Let’s Play A-Train Railway Simulator Part 5

Degica presents a-train railway simulator

“Go West Young Man”. Well that’s the famous phrase, and my expansion to the West comes across more issues. Getting round a curve I leave myself with to tight a track to lay, and have to delete it (at a cost), then my attempt at double laying is not as precise as I’d like it, maybe something I could fix off camera?

Looking at my cash flow, the amount I can safely invest in future expansion is getting a little low. At some point I might have to look at speculating in the stock market to raise a little more. Overall, I feel I might need to develop a “rhythm” to the expansion, lay the track, follow up with bus commuter routes, wait for the AI to do a little development infil of its own, then look on to the next area, always keeping an eye on the reserves. There will be a big Tax bill coming for my railways company in a couple of months. I need to be able to cover that.