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Installing The A-Train Viewer

We want you guys and girls to get the best from this tool, so we have created a tutorial  to show you how to install it and use it for best effect.



After downloading, double click the icon and follow these steps.

Step One




Ok, so the image you see above will appear once you continue and, to get the viewer to continue to install you need to press next

Step Two



Here are the terms and conditions. Make sure the top radio button is filled in (as above) before once again clicking on the middle button (highlighted in blue) to continue.

Step Three



Ok, now you can choose the installation folder. The viewer takes about half a gigabyte of hard drive space. By clicking on the button to the right of the folder dialogue (shown near the top of the image above) you can select the folder on your hard drive you would like to install the A-Train viewer in.

Step Four

Almost there. The middle button again is the one you need to press to get the viewer to continue to install.

Irange Setup Green To GoThe viewer will then install. It will place two icons on your desktop by default. The orange icon is for the set up dialog, the green icon is to load the viewer itself. You might want to try the set-up first as, although the viewer is very well coded it does have a lot of options. I found initially lowering the options to the lowest settings got the main viewer to work


Step Five

What are these options?

The options options offer a lot of possibilities, some which allow you to tailor the experience to your liking, others which allow. So below I have posted an image of the Japanese options screen and the English one. I have tested just about all the buttons on both and found that they match. The positions of the buttons relative to each other is the same in both versions. Cross reference from the English to the Japanese if that makes life easier for you.