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Donut Island! The New “Let’s Play”

let's play railway simulator game a-train 9 v4

Welcome to the start of our latest “Let’s Play” for A-Train 9 Donut Island

Based on a winning entry ion our recent design competition, Donut Island is a small space with one major city and an otherwise barren island – well almost barren with a shunting/marshalling yard near the coat. What can we do with this I wonder? We hope you enjoy this video series. We will be publishing them here approximately once per week  for hopefully 5-10 weeks. 🙂

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Amazing Train Layouts

A user made layout in A-Train 9

From time to time we like to showcase some of the most amazing layouts we’ve seen in A-Train. This video shows an awesome layout. on Youtube has created some fantastic layouts, often based on real life locations. Using a mixture of gameplay and editor features. You can watch more of this on his channel .


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Making Money On The A-Train Stock Market

Stock market user interface for A-Train
Stock market user interface for A-Train
The stock market in A-Train 9 Railway Simulator

Early in the game cash can be tight. The area that the game gives you is immense, and even the most generous amount of starting cash represents a tiny amount of the cash you are going to need to create a network.

Here two elements of the game are your friend.

  • Time acceleration
  • The stock market

This was a topic I was going to leave for later, and indeed Jacob will do a far more in depth tutorial of this in the future (his production value will likely be better than mine as well) but for now, to answer the many forum questions regarding cash, and to give hope to those of you struggling to stay afloat financially early in the game – here’s a down and dirty guide to playing the stock market

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Video Tutorial Part One: Introducing The Game

Making in game cash

Reading a PDF file or blog post is all well and good,  translating what is written to how a game functions on screen can sometimes present a little bit of a disconnect, so let me introduce Degica’s first video tutorial.

You might have noticed that the general quality is somewhat better than the videos I do, that’s because these are done by our in house multimedia guru Jacob. Hi Jacob.

Over the coming weeks and month’s we’ll be adding more content here explaining the more specific parts of the game.

Why Two Video Series?

Good question, and I have, (what I hope is) a good answer.

Jacob’s tutorial videos will show specific gameplay elements and UI mechanics in details. Allowing any player to grasp the concepts of the game no matter how advanced they are.

First tutorial image

From explaining the UI, creating maps, setting scenarios’ looking through the menu options and explaining them, we hope the tutorials answer just about every gameplay question you guys can think of.

The “Let’s Play” series will concentrate on the scope and playability of the game. Looking at the possibilities and hopefully tweaking your imagination. We hope to inspire our users to create maps, scenarios and layouts far better than we can. Just think of the Let’s Play series as a jumping off point for your own creations.