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New CSX SD-50 EMD Freight Loco Added

New loco for A-Train Railway Simulator

The first in a long line of new locos has been added to the game today. An exclusive real life freight handler. And a thing of beauty it is too.

Why not get on Steam and grab yourself a copy of the game today?

4 thoughts on “New CSX SD-50 EMD Freight Loco Added

  1. As Mr Burns would say, Excellent

    1. Absolutely Mark 🙂 (It’s Simpson sir, a work drone from sector 7G)

  2. Just found this game I’ve tried several train game such as train simulator, I’ve also got train fever which works well, but where I come unstuck it that 11 years ago I had a stroke which has left me paralysed down the left side. All that aside I’ve had to look for games that only require the use of one hand at a time this looks like it fits the bill and will also exercise the brain. I just love mastering game that require thought because 11 years ago I was told I’d not get back on a computer ever again. I’m too bloody minded to told that, thanks for the YouTube videos which given me a head start on the game

    1. No problem, glad you are enjoying the game

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