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Making Money On The A-Train Stock Market

Stock market user interface for A-Train
Stock market user interface for A-Train
The stock market in A-Train 9 Railway Simulator

Early in the game cash can be tight. The area that the game gives you is immense, and even the most generous amount of starting cash represents a tiny amount of the cash you are going to need to create a network.

Here two elements of the game are your friend.

  • Time acceleration
  • The stock market

This was a topic I was going to leave for later, and indeed Jacob will do a far more in depth tutorial of this in the future (his production value will likely be better than mine as well) but for now, to answer the many forum questions regarding cash, and to give hope to those of you struggling to stay afloat financially early in the game – here’s a down and dirty guide to playing the stock market

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