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Let’s Play A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Part One. Create A New World

Image for video one of A-train let's play series

Welcome to the new Let’s Play series for A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator.

The idea with this series is to give players a run through every major element of the game, and some not so major. There will be an element of tutorial in the series, though with a game as rich and deep as this, there is always some new twist for even the most experienced player to learn.

Although the ability to create your own world has been in A-Train 9 since release, the process of creating one is still one of the most asked after tutorials we get.

There are two main stages to the process. The ability for the game to auto-generate terrain to a complexity that the player would like, then secondly the chance to manipulate this in detail, alter the land yourself, and add game-play elements.

In this first tutorial we look at the auto generate terrain function. How to get into the game and have it create the outline of a new world to the players rough specification.

This series will continue with updates at least once per week for the next few months. Please feel free to ask any questions or make any content requests in the comments below. While we have an idea of the topics we are going to cover we are also keen to take the lead from our community and we’ll be glad to add tutorials and videos that you might request.

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