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Detailed Timetables In A-Train Railway Simulator

the time table and schedule function within the game

At a simple level, A-Train Railway Simulator allows the novice user to simply buy a train, put in on the track, and see it run. It will stop at every station it finds, follow the junctions on a standard path and reverse when it comes to the end of the track. They will even stop before crashing into any other vehicle the user may have accidentally placed on the same track facing the wrong way.

All that is well and good, until you wan to get greater control of your network, at that point you will want to open up the possibilities offered by the more detailed timetable and vehicle control options. Here, in the first of a two part video series we open up the box to greater control of your rail network.

Schedule Deja Vu

Yes. we did highlight this before, but as it confuses so many we thought a refresher was in order, also, this time we are adding a second video (published early next week) that will tidy up any loose ends.

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