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5 Top Tips For The Professional Train Simulator

A-Train Underground

Creating the perfect railway and city is the goal in A-Train 9 V4. What perfection means will differ from player to player.

Maybe you want a sprawling city scape with high rise buildings and a thriving commerce centre. All hustle and bustle with the railway network being heartbeat of the region

For other players a self sufficient tranquil area might be desirable. Industrial and commercial zones kept away from scenic residential areas and energy production using only eco-friendly methods

No matter what city you are looking to build a few methods for taking control of your network and making the most of your resources will get you off to a great start. In the video below we highlight 5 great ways for a newcomer (or even many seasoned players) to make fantastic progress in the game right from the beginning.



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Getting And Paying Back A Bank Loan In A-Train Railway Simulator

Stock market user interface for A-Train

Early in the game finances can be tight. It might seem like a good idea to trot along to the bank and get a loan.  Here’s a video explaining how to go about it.

Seems easy enough right? Remember you need to pay the loan back over time – with interest. Make sure whatever it is you are spending it on will start to recoup at least enough to pay the interest within the time set out by the loan conditions. A risky strategy might be to play the stock market. A more reliable method of ensuring you have enough to pay it back would be to invest in wisely in your infastructure.

Don’t Spend Too Much On Buildings Early In The Game

A word of warning. Early on in the game, when it’s most tempting to get a loan, spending it on real estate is almost always a mistake. Factories and offices can take many in-game years to become profitable and often run at a loss for the first few years. Spending a large loan on buildings before you can afford them is a sure fire way to go bust.

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More Fun With Timetables

2015 A-Train Railway Simulator

At the most advanced level A-Train Railway simulator allows event driven scheduling. While not exactly timetables, using events such as “Wait for Overtake” or “Wait for Oncoming” allows the player to control their network without interruption or delay.

Combining these event driven scheduling options with specific arrival and departure times with normal timetabling should allow you to schedule your good trains to use the same rail as your passenger vehicles without the latter interrupting the time sensitive nature of the former

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Detailed Timetables In A-Train Railway Simulator

the time table and schedule function within the game

At a simple level, A-Train Railway Simulator allows the novice user to simply buy a train, put in on the track, and see it run. It will stop at every station it finds, follow the junctions on a standard path and reverse when it comes to the end of the track. They will even stop before crashing into any other vehicle the user may have accidentally placed on the same track facing the wrong way.

All that is well and good, until you wan to get greater control of your network, at that point you will want to open up the possibilities offered by the more detailed timetable and vehicle control options. Here, in the first of a two part video series we open up the box to greater control of your rail network.

Schedule Deja Vu

Yes. we did highlight this before, but as it confuses so many we thought a refresher was in order, also, this time we are adding a second video (published early next week) that will tidy up any loose ends.

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Like A Bridge Over Untroubled Water

A-Train Railway Bridges

Now you’ve mastered laying road over water, let’s take a quick look at how to place rail over water. It’s a very similar process.

Remember you can also use the joint rail/road over and under bridge as well. Good luck, and don;t let those large expanses of water get in the way of building your master transport network

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Power Up Your Rail Network

SOlar through fossil to nuclear. The choice is yours

A-Train Railway Simulator offers you some pretty diverse options when it comes to powering up your network and the surrounding cities and towns. The “green” option of solar or wind, through fossil fuels and nuclear. The differences in initial cost and power output potential are huge, so making the right choice is really important.

Good luck and all power to your rail network 🙂

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Want To Build An Metro Or Underground Station?

A-Train Underground

Experienced players looking to really push into “the depths” of the game (pardon the terrible pun), might have considered delving underground in A-Train and building either an individual station or perhaps a complete route underground.

Getting through a mountainous region is a lot cheaper than trying to flatten it. Here’s how it’s done.

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Video Tutorial Part One: Introducing The Game

Making in game cash

Reading a PDF file or blog post is all well and good,  translating what is written to how a game functions on screen can sometimes present a little bit of a disconnect, so let me introduce Degica’s first video tutorial.

You might have noticed that the general quality is somewhat better than the videos I do, that’s because these are done by our in house multimedia guru Jacob. Hi Jacob.

Over the coming weeks and month’s we’ll be adding more content here explaining the more specific parts of the game.

Why Two Video Series?

Good question, and I have, (what I hope is) a good answer.

Jacob’s tutorial videos will show specific gameplay elements and UI mechanics in details. Allowing any player to grasp the concepts of the game no matter how advanced they are.

First tutorial image

From explaining the UI, creating maps, setting scenarios’ looking through the menu options and explaining them, we hope the tutorials answer just about every gameplay question you guys can think of.

The “Let’s Play” series will concentrate on the scope and playability of the game. Looking at the possibilities and hopefully tweaking your imagination. We hope to inspire our users to create maps, scenarios and layouts far better than we can. Just think of the Let’s Play series as a jumping off point for your own creations.