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A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator Easter Egg – In Game Video Recorder

Inbuilt video recorder easter egg

It might be Halloween, but in A-Train 9 Japan Railway Simulator – it’s Easter, or more precisely “Easter Egg” time

How To Access In Game Video Creator


During the map construction, and press the [r] key while holding down the [p] key on the keyboard.

The preview function will start. This will bring up the main user interface, normally to the left of your screen. It can be expanded to show a great number of control options.

The basics we will explain here, others you can discover for yourself

You start by clicking on a scene number. A video can be made of a number of scenes and transitions

  1. Decide whether you want a title or logo
  2. The camera movement can work via Linear-Bezier-Spline. From what I’ve worked out this is like fixed point, panning or tracking.
  3. Decide the velocity, accelerate the game, slow down. Show what almost appears a stop frame of a particular areas the day passes and trains rush in and out, or go to normal time and follow a train. These are just examples of what can be done, experiment for your best results.
  4. It seems that progression elevation increases are possible. Making it seem as if you are soaring above the current scene in a graceful arc “leaving it behind” perhaps, a nice way to move to a fade and the next scene.
  5. Tilt (when set to Spline mode only) I’ve only just started playing with this. I expected it to be like motion bob, but it seems a little different to that. Try it yourself.
  6. This function is not guaranteed to offer any particular level of results. It was added by the developers to create their own attract sequences and left in the game as an Easter egg.
  7. You can also capture still images using it. Though that’s something I’ve not used yet.
  8. If something fails try setting your Vsync settings to “off” as it might be an issue with the frame draw buffer not updating in sequence.

Particular thanks to Harald at for finding this feature in the game. The devs obviously knew it was there. But it took me by complete surprise 🙂

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Zhatt Discusses Tycoon Games Including A-Train

A train Youtube video

Zhatt has just released a potted history and review of tycoon and sandbox games, as well as adding some insight into the major players in this genre.

At 25:40 in the video they discus the A-Train franchise and come to some very interesting conclusions. Really worth a watch.

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The Big River Project

A user made layout in A-Train 9

I like to think I’m pretty good at the games I play, particularly the games I enjoy. Sometimes though I just have to sit back and nod appreciatively when I see evidence of a player who has had the vision to go further and better than I even thought.

Take a look at this great video from Drillaforte (Link to his Youtube channel) and his “Big River Pannon Project”.

What’s particularly impressive is how this all runs so darn smoothly. I’d love to see the economy graphs for this route. I’m guessing they are pretty spectacular.