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Installing The A-Train Viewer

We want you guys and girls to get the best from this tool, so we have created a tutorial  to show you how to install it and use it for best effect.



After downloading, double click the icon and follow these steps.

Step One




Ok, so the image you see above will appear once you continue and, to get the viewer to continue to install you need to press next

Step Two



Here are the terms and conditions. Make sure the top radio button is filled in (as above) before once again clicking on the middle button (highlighted in blue) to continue.

Step Three



Ok, now you can choose the installation folder. The viewer takes about half a gigabyte of hard drive space. By clicking on the button to the right of the folder dialogue (shown near the top of the image above) you can select the folder on your hard drive you would like to install the A-Train viewer in.

Step Four

Almost there. The middle button again is the one you need to press to get the viewer to continue to install.

Irange Setup Green To GoThe viewer will then install. It will place two icons on your desktop by default. The orange icon is for the set up dialog, the green icon is to load the viewer itself. You might want to try the set-up first as, although the viewer is very well coded it does have a lot of options. I found initially lowering the options to the lowest settings got the main viewer to work


Step Five

What are these options?

The options options offer a lot of possibilities, some which allow you to tailor the experience to your liking, others which allow. So below I have posted an image of the Japanese options screen and the English one. I have tested just about all the buttons on both and found that they match. The positions of the buttons relative to each other is the same in both versions. Cross reference from the English to the Japanese if that makes life easier for you.


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Starting A New City

Making in game cash

The scenario’s in A-Train have always been fantastic. The ability to start with a fully fleshed out city (normally with a few problems) and build on it over time. Getting instant large scale results.

Creating Your Own World

At the back of my mind the perfectionist (or just the designer) is always whispering to me that it could all be better. That some of the design decisions made in the scenario when I took over could have been better, if only I had designed the whole area from scratch. Well of course you can do that.
The sense of achievement after creating an entire 10x10km yourself and every aspect in it is awesome. But how to get started?
Youtuber Monterico Gaming helps us out here with a great video tutorial of the first steps in A-Train 9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator. Take a look

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Train Not Picking Up Cargo?

Cargo issues in A-Train 9 Railway Simulator

Here’s an issue that has tickled the community for a while. Something that the addition of the new rolling stock a couple of months ago seemed to bring to the forefront. That is a train stopping to pick up cargo from a factory, but then leaving without any.

From a visual point of view it’s hard to work out what is going wrong (in fact I couldn’t and had to ask the devs to explain it to me). However, once I understood it made sense and is pretty logical.

Here’s a short video explaining the situation

Hope that helps in getting things moving again for you guys. The next part of the Let’s Play is coming next week :0

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How To Place Level Crossings In A-Train Railway Simulator

Straight rail and straigh road are essential for success

In real life, level crossings or “road rail” crossings as they are called in some parts of the world are notoriously dangerous places. Apparently per mile of road they account for 7x more fatalities than any other road elements, and that includes busy city centre junctions, blind bends and icy and un-gritted country roads in the winter. Level crossings are where the danger is.

Let’s not forget that A-Train is a game though (phew). It makes placing level crossings pretty simple if you follow a couple of sensible real world rules. This short video shows you how.

In short. Both the road and the rail leading up to the crossing must be straight. No crossings on or near curves.

A level crossing is where a road crosses rail. Lay the rail first, and the road second.

Easy when you know how Smile

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Creating A Custom Game – Understanding The Menus

Using the in game editor

I feel a little guilty posting this here. Jacob is busy creating far more polished video tutorials at the moment, however, this is in response to specific questions on the Steam forums here.

A-Train 9 allows the user to create their own scenarios, and the editor which allows this uses many of the same game navigation elements as playing the game does. So if you want to place a building in the editor mode, you do exactly the same as you would in game. The difference being that their is no cost involved, and unless you set it otherwise, whatever you place belongs to the AI once a game is started.

There are some new menu elements in there though – and using these is where some gamers are getting stuck. Hopefully this short video will get you up and running with the minimum of fuss. Good luck.

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Making Money On The A-Train Stock Market

Stock market user interface for A-Train
Stock market user interface for A-Train
The stock market in A-Train 9 Railway Simulator

Early in the game cash can be tight. The area that the game gives you is immense, and even the most generous amount of starting cash represents a tiny amount of the cash you are going to need to create a network.

Here two elements of the game are your friend.

  • Time acceleration
  • The stock market

This was a topic I was going to leave for later, and indeed Jacob will do a far more in depth tutorial of this in the future (his production value will likely be better than mine as well) but for now, to answer the many forum questions regarding cash, and to give hope to those of you struggling to stay afloat financially early in the game – here’s a down and dirty guide to playing the stock market