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Making Money On The A-Train Stock Market

Stock market user interface for A-Train
Stock market user interface for A-Train
The stock market in A-Train 9 Railway Simulator

Early in the game cash can be tight. The area that the game gives you is immense, and even the most generous amount of starting cash represents a tiny amount of the cash you are going to need to create a network.

Here two elements of the game are your friend.

  • Time acceleration
  • The stock market

This was a topic I was going to leave for later, and indeed Jacob will do a far more in depth tutorial of this in the future (his production value will likely be better than mine as well) but for now, to answer the many forum questions regarding cash, and to give hope to those of you struggling to stay afloat financially early in the game – here’s a down and dirty guide to playing the stock market

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Video Tutorial Part One: Introducing The Game

Making in game cash

Reading a PDF file or blog post is all well and good,  translating what is written to how a game functions on screen can sometimes present a little bit of a disconnect, so let me introduce Degica’s first video tutorial.

You might have noticed that the general quality is somewhat better than the videos I do, that’s because these are done by our in house multimedia guru Jacob. Hi Jacob.

Over the coming weeks and month’s we’ll be adding more content here explaining the more specific parts of the game.

Why Two Video Series?

Good question, and I have, (what I hope is) a good answer.

Jacob’s tutorial videos will show specific gameplay elements and UI mechanics in details. Allowing any player to grasp the concepts of the game no matter how advanced they are.

First tutorial image

From explaining the UI, creating maps, setting scenarios’ looking through the menu options and explaining them, we hope the tutorials answer just about every gameplay question you guys can think of.

The “Let’s Play” series will concentrate on the scope and playability of the game. Looking at the possibilities and hopefully tweaking your imagination. We hope to inspire our users to create maps, scenarios and layouts far better than we can. Just think of the Let’s Play series as a jumping off point for your own creations.

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Download The Starter Tutorial

Prime Yourself For A-Train

A-Train Railway Simulator is a complex game, with a lot of what those “in the know” like to call “emergent depth”.

In the game itself you’ll fine one of the most comprehensive online manuals for any simulation game. That’s as it should be.

But what about those of you who ”just want to get started”.

Get Started Tutorial

Here’s a manual you can read in about 20 minutes that will open the game right up, leaving you to explore the other options and discover the deeper features for yourself as you need to, safe in the knowledge that the in game manual will have you covered.

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Competition Time

3 Copies Of A-train Railway Simulator To Give Away

Competition Now Closed – Winners To Be Drawn And Informed Tonight (9th October 2014 GMT)
Please Stay Tuned To This Blog For More Chances To Win In The Future

Thanks For The FANTASTIC Response!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered. Dozens of you made the effort and added real value to the competition with some great comments – and even poems.

There have to be winners though, and the draw in now complete: The winners are

  • Christopher Cooper
  • Baadrix
  • Jesse Rosen

Congratulations all three of you. Your steam keys will be emailed to you tonight.

The rest of you stay tuned. We will have more offers and give-aways over time, don’t forget A-Train 9 Railway Simulator is released on the 10th October.


Some competitions are simple – in fact some are so simple to enter you might even think there’s some trick to it.

There’s not!

To win one of three copies of A-train Railway Simulator, simply share this website on either Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment below with your name and a short few words on why you want to win A-Train Railway simulator.


It doesn’t have to be “War and Peace” 5 or 10 words will do just fine, but if you want to elaborate and tell us about your plans for the most intricate and fair system of road and rail transport the world has ever seen , and how you plan to prototype it with A-Train  – well, hey – be our guest. Smile

On the 9th of October 2014, we will pick 3 names at random and award them the Steam Keys to the game which they will be able to download and play immediately!

Terms And Stuff

No members of Degica or Artdink are permitted to take part. The judges decision is final. Please remember to leave your name and email address in the box provided in the comments section so we can contact you!

Finally, the bit every power mad-web admin loves… the judges decision is final

Paul Rone-Clarke (A-Train Railway Simulator Product Manager)

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Let’s Play A-Train Railway Simulator Part One

The first line is laid in Mytown

Getting Started

Town Planning In A-Train Railway Simulator.

Another day in sunny “Mytown”, and it’s pretty clear from the start that things could be better.

Sure the weather is good, the night and day cycle sometimes brings rain, and in the Winter sometimes snow with it, but today is bright and sunny. It’s a good day for planning a railway.

First things first. While I don’t actually get angry phone calls from the residents of Mytown, I’m pretty sure that, if I could, some of them would be pretty mad.

Why? Well, the transport isn’t all it should be, and that’s a problem.

Due to socio-economic factors in the dim distant past, Mytown has grown up in several distinct areas, often several miles apart, and the public transport network between them is pretty much none existent.

Imagine the problems this causes. Getting to work, seeing your friends and relations, even just getting out of town for a vacation.

Maybe the reason no-one complains is because no-one ever sees me around in this disjointed town to give me a piece of their mind. That’s one advantage I suppose. The life of a town planner.

Of course, I need to fix this, and, while I wish I could just join everything up straight away, that isn’t possible. I have to work to a budget, and the thing about Mytown is – it’s enormous. Connecting it all up in a way that would also allow for sustainable growth would take my entire town budget many times over. So planning is important.

Starting Small

Let’s start by joining two of the biggest areas together with sensible road and rail networks.

Starting Small

If I’m lucky that will keep the people happy, earn some more cash which in turn will fund more projects to connect more areas and allow for more growth. I can see this being a long term project.

Hang on, the phone is ringing. “Hello”. Sorry, I’ll have to go now, it’s my stock-broker, he wants to know if I’d be interested in investing some of the capital I have in a “sure fire” share deal he’s got. I could certainly do with some more money, this work is going to cost serious cash.

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Welcome To The A-Train Railway Simulator Blog

Degica presents a-train railway simulator

Welcome To The A-Train Railway Simulator Blog

How about we start with answering the question “What is this game all about?”.

I’ll give two answers for that, ready? A-Train Railway Simulator is a transport management simulator.

I’m guessing some players will already have a good idea about the game from that little description, but even if you think that’s covered it, please consider reading the rest of this, there’s a whole lot more to the new game than you might think.

A-Train Waiting At The Platform

Catch the A-Train

The first A-Train was released in Japan in 1988, for those who might be interested in such things, that’s a full 2 years before Railroad Tycoon was released.

A-Train 3 was released worldwide in 1994 though the “3” was dropped from the title.

There have been more than 10 games so far in the A-Train franchise going from simple isometric graphics in the early days, to full 3D, and now 4K support with the latest release.

A-Train Railway Simulator was released as a stand alone product in Japan in June 2014

Introducing Degica

Oops, we should not forget the introductions. We are Degica, Hi.

Degica are a brand new publisher for A-Train Railway Simulator, and this latest version is the first time we have been involved right from the start of the localization process, through testing and to worldwide publishing.

You may have seen or played A-Train before, but this time it’s different. As a company we are committed to providing the best “out of the box” experience. Ensuring the game has the localization and language support users expect, the documentation that a game of this depth needs and deserves and the after sales commitment that brings the end user weeks and months of enjoyment.

In short Degica are committed to doing it right.

Railway Management Simulator?

As the ground breaker in transport simulation games, A-Train has the experience and know-how to provide a feature set that is second to none. A massive fully rendered 3D world is yours to manage. Design the transport infrastructure with rail and road that will encourage growth and make you an A-Train billionaire.

  • Play one of the provided scenarios or design your own world with the built in editor. Challenge yourself with mountains, rivers and oceans that need to be traversed.
  • Want a large sprawling metropolis? No problem. The scale provided in the game is huge.
  • Would you rather specialise and control the transport links between smaller towns and hamlets? Again, A-Train allows your imagination to create whatever world you desire
  • As the ultimate transport manager you have complete control over the vehicles and rolling stock.
  • Decide exactly which coaches or trucks are pulled by what engines. Allow the trains to run continuously or, if desired, set complex inter-relational time-tables where every junction, platform, siding and waiting time is controlled by you through A-Trains comprehensive scheduling system.
  • Build and own your own businesses or residential areas that might encourage growth in a region by providing homes and employment.
  • Play the stock market to raise cash for expansion. Careful though. Share value can go down as well as up.
  • Go underground with A-Train metro system, underground trains and underground stations.

Major Projects

Want to encourage Maglev to your region? Build the infrastructure to encourage your city to be put on the Maglev network

Have Inter regional travel with the iconic Bullet Train

Host airports or other major structures – if your city can support them.

A-Train Features – Over 25 Years Of Experience, Looking To The Future

The list of features includes support for 4K resolution (3840×2160) gives you a huge panorama that’s 4x the detail of standard HD. Of course you can play it on a standard sized monitor as well.

Picture in Picture modes allow you to keep an eye on your existing Rail network, while planning its expansion.

Landscaping. If you have the cash, bring the builders in to flatten land or create features, from within the game

Steam! Run branch lines to the coast with all new animated steam locomotives. Or maybe create your entire network with Steam.

Bridges. Cross that river or ocean with a huge choice of bridge types. Suspension bridges, bascule bridges and dual traffic (Rail under road) bridges.

The Future.

Degica are committed to supporting the release of A-train Railway simulator long into the future. Updates and patches as well as extra content will be available. We hope, for instance, to add to the already impressive list of rolling stock available over time, and where possible, make the updates free to users.

You might have played transport simulators before, you might even have played a previous version of A-Train, but whether a seasoned simmer or a complete new comer to the genre, A-Train Railway Simulator is set to bring you the transport sim you’ve been waiting for.