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Superfast Shinkansen Trains and Maglev in A-Train 9
15 Nov 2016

Shinkansen and meglev and superfast trains in Artdink's A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator

let's play railway simulator game a-train 9 v4
Donut Island! The New “Let’s Play”
11 Sep 2016

Based on a winning entry in our recent "Design A Beautiful City" competition. Donut Island offers a tight landscape with plenty of options

Degica presents a-train railway simulator
A-Train Create a Beautiful City Competition Winners
10 Aug 2016

Here are the 3 winners from our recent create a beautiful city competition using the A-Train 9 V4 Japan Rail Simulator editor.

Making in game cash
A-Train 9 “Beautiful Japanese City” Competition Winners
22 Jul 2016

Degica are pleased to announce the winners of our beautiful Japanese city competition. We had some fantastic entries and thoroughly enjoyed reviewing them. Watch the video to see them best of them.

Railway yard in A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator
A-Train 9 Steam Summer Sale
07 Jun 2016

A-Train 9 is in the week long Steam Summer sale. Get the game at this limited time offer price. Design, Build, Ride and Profit.

Railway yard in A-train 9 Japan Rail Simulator
Deutsche Rail Layout A-Train 9 V4
30 May 2016

A fantastic rail layout in progress using A-Train 9 V4 by the popular Youtuber Tom.Io

A-Train 9 Steam trading cards
A-Train Trading Cards Are Live
27 Apr 2016

Collect Steam trading cards with A-Train 9 Japan Rail Simulator. Level up, backgrounds and badges.

A user made layout in A-Train 9
Taking Great Screenshots With the A-Train Viewer
27 Mar 2016

Taking a screenshot using the A-Train viewer. We show you how to set it up and some ideas of images you might want to take

Installing The A-Train Viewer
14 Mar 2016

The A-Train viewer is a stand alone application for looking at A-train maps running. Set up with 2 wonderfully detailed transport networks from the game, it allows users to explore the world of A-Train 9

Create And Win With A-Train
12 Mar 2016

We are excited to announce the chance to win fantastic prizes when you create a great image or even a full featured map with A-Train